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The Problem: Illiteracy in Haiti

International Action donates books to Haiti schools

Students of Mercy School

Only 53% of people in Haiti can read and write. According to the Library of Congress, the nation faces severe shortages in educational supplies. Without these materials, the children of Haiti will be unable to build a better future for themselves and their country.

While working with Haitian schools through our clean water programs, International Action discovered a fundamental educational need across the board – books for schools in Haiti. When asked by our staff to name their favorite books, students didn’t know how to respond. They have not read enough books to have a favorite.

Our Solution: Delivering Books to Haiti

International Action provides books to Haitian students

International Action provides books to Haitian students

Through our Books for Schools program, we aim to provide children’s books, written in Creole, to schools throughout Haiti.

To date, we’ve shipped 3,000 books to students and teachers. At a cost of only $4 per student, these books will go a long way toward giving Haitian children the opportunity to learn to read.

Additionally, we created a lesson plan and delivered seminars to the teachers of 20 Cite Soleil schools on how to best use these books in collaboration with Educa Vision. Our goal is that these donated books will be integrated into the curriculum that the teachers are already using.