De-Worming Haiti Campaign

Albendazole tablets

Albendazole tabletsGirl receiving de-worming medication provided by International Action

Girl receiving de-worming medication provided by International Actionlets

The Problem: Worms Infect Thousands

Much of Haiti's population – many children – is infected with intestinal worms. These worms may consume as much as 20% of daily nutritional intake, causing malnutrition. Other symptoms include dehydration and diarrhea. In most cases individuals are infected by worms because of the presence of raw sewage, the lack of potable water, and the lack of access to health care. For many children, being de-wormed is the difference between life and death.

Our Solution: Treating Worms in Haiti

A simple albendazole pill can rid a child or adult of intestinal worms. The World Bank recommends giving these intestinal worm treatment pills to all children attending schools in high-risk areas. International Action is doing its best to comply with that recommendation. For a mere penny per person, we can provide these life-saving pills to children and adults across Haiti.

In addition to providing access to drinkable water through our Campaign for Clean Water, we provide albendazole pills in several communities in Haiti. Our water boards and the schools we protect in Port-au-Prince have distributed almost 1.5 million doses so far. And we are constantly looking to expand our reach. Partners like Aaron Jackson’s Planting Peace, which has worked in Haiti since 2005, are helping us meet this goal by donating two million doses of the de-worming medicine. Learn more about ways to support International Action.

De-worming initiatives are among the most effective approaches to combating poverty and promoting health. Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel's widely acclaimed new book, More Than Good Intentions, cites studies that demonstrate that de-worming programs can generate an extra year of education for only $3.50 per student. The next most cost-effective program, uniform giveaways, costs $100 to achieve the same goal. In the case of de-worming, a little can go a long way and make a huge impact.

If you’re group is interested in receiving Albendazole, please fill out our Albendazole Request Form.

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