Artibonite Clean Water Project

The beautiful Artibonite Region

The beautiful Artibonite Region














This project began in 2013 and aims to provide 16,000 Haitians living in rural communities throughout the Artibone Region with access to clean water. Using the West Department project as a model for success, International Action will use a two phase approach to install chlorinators at existing water supply points in five communities and then introduce the community-finance structure. Read more about these Phases below..

Market day

Market day

Local Haitians Using Surface Water for Cleaning

Local Haitians using surface water for cleaning

Phase 1

Phase 1 was started in 2014, with three of the five communities receiving chlorinators. These are currently used by schools until the community-finance structure is in place, at which time access will be widened to include the whole community. Prior to this, fences will need to be built around each ofthe water sites to ensure they are secure. Two of the five communities also require new wells, as water availability at the current wells is poor during the dry season and we aim to provide clean water the whole year round. In early 2015, work started on the two new wells.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin when the two new wells and the fences are complete, in Fall 2015 (learn more). 

One of the Chlorinators Installed in a Schoolyard

One of the chlorinators installed in a schoolyard