740 families soon to have a lifetime supply of clean, safe water

January 2, 2016

Our work in the Artibonite Region of Haiti means that 3,700 people, like Angie shown here, have their own, community-maintained supply of clean, safe water.

Angie now has clean water minutes from her home, saving her two hours each day

Angie now has clean water minutes from her home, saving her two hours each day

Women like Angie, in the photo below, living in the Artibonite region of Haiti are often reliant upon other small non-profits who hand out small chlorine tablets for individual families to use. The problem with this strategy however, is that when these organizations leave the community, they leave the community helpless. 

At International Action, we bring people like Angie hope because they know that the success of these chlorinators will be dependent on the community and no one else. The leaders of the Artibonite region first approached International Action seeking help. They know the importance of clean drinking water and are not only willing, but desire to learn how to maintain clean, safe water in their communities. We will go into these communities and install chlorinators. We will then teach the community leaders how to maintain, operate, and sustain the clean water systems. Once the chlorinators are installed and the community members trained, we will leave the region. The committee members in charge of the chlorinators will establish donation amounts from families using the water to generate funds to buy more chlorine