44,000 Children Have the Vitamins They Need this Year with Our Help

February 26, 2015

Children need vitamins to grow strong and protect them from illnesses. Many children in Haiti do not have access to enough vitamin A and other essential vitamins. In 2015, we will be providing 44,000 Haitian children the vitamins that they need to grow up happy and healthy. 

Children in central haiti are happy and health, with the help of the vitamin A provided by IA




















Vitamins help children reach their full-potential. For thousands of children in Haiti, reaching their full potential is limited by malnutrition suffered as a child. Without the right vitamins and minerals, their lives and futures are at risk. Consuming healthy and nutritious foods is essential to a child’s mental and physical development. The multivitamins we provide help pregnant mothers maintain a healthy level of nutrition and provide children under five with the building blocks they need to grow and reach their full potential. Vitamin A, specifically, is essential to immune function especially in children under five who are most vulnerable to common infections and diseases. One high-dose vitamin A capsule can reduce under-five child mortality by about 24% in populations at risk of vitamin A deficiency, which in Haiti, include many children. We work with Vitamin Angels, Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti, Samaritan’s Purse and AmeriCares to provide clinics with access to multivitamins and Vitamin A. This past year we provided 44,000 children and 1,700 pregnant mothers with the vitamins they need. During the next year we want to provide 75,000 children and 2,500 pregnant mother with vitamins, but again, we need your help. We plan to order the vitamins in August 2015 and then ship and process them through customs by December 2015. The vitamins will be disbursed by March 2016.