Jean's Story

February 5, 2014

Jean is 12 years old. His story is a resonating one, which offers hope and shows how chlorine is so instrumental in improving health in Haiti. Jean lives with his 7 brothers and sisters and his father, who is slowly going blind.

This past August, Jean’s father became ill with Cholera, causing vomiting and diarrhea, and becoming severely dehydrated in the process. Jean walked his father to the nearest hospital which was miles away, but at the only price for treatment that they could afford. Jean’s father received sufficient medical attention, but their town still lacked clean water.

A small Haitian-run non-profit reached  out to International Action. We acted as fast as we could, first sending a bucket of granular chlorine so the families in the town could treat their household water until we arrived with the chlorinator. Now, Jean’s town has clean water and his father has regained his strength to the level where he is able to farm mangos, allowing Jean to go to school full-time.