Heroes of the Sun

July 23, 2013

“Heroes of the Sun” is a film in the making by award-winning filmmaker and producer, Fabienne Lips-Dumas. She travels into the heart of Haiti’s biggest slum Cité Soleil, where life is plagued by poverty and violence. Featured in the film are International Action and other non-profit groups. The documentary tells a story of promise and light capturing the resilience, pride and solidarity of Haitians in the midst of their struggle to survive. For the film to be completed, Fabienne needs your help. As little as $1 could help Fabienne shine light on the current living conditions of these Haitians so as to provide them with a better future.

The Washington-based filmmaker Fabienne Lips-Dumas was intrigued by the misfortune of the people of Cité Soleil -- they have been plagued by earthquakes, floods, a cholera epidemic and Brazilian insect infections. This is what motivated her to attend a conference on “reconstruction in Haiti’ at the United States Institute for Peace in Washington DC, where she met Barbara Guillaume, an activist and artist who has aspirations of becoming mayor of Cite Soleil.. She explains that she was particularly drawn to Barbara because she sang about her work instead of talking about it. Fabienne was flabbergasted that she would want to become mayor of place that was labeled a no-law zone only a few years prior. After several conversations, Barbara invited Fabienne to Haiti. By the help of a French Broadcaster (Group Canal +), Fabienne was interviewing Barbara on camera a year later.  

Fabienne explains that whilst in Cité Soleil she was captivated by its people, who despite death and destructions were able to rise above these tragedies with inspiring songs. In this documentary she explains that Cité Soleil, a city of half a million people, has a terrible culture of violence. The surrounding shores in Cité Soleil serve as garbage dumps and community toilets. By day, the people of Cité Soleil are protected by the UN forces that patrol the city and by night they live in fear of gangs; outsiders leave, inhabitants lock themselves inside their shacks and street kids hide in their secret shelters. 

Despite Cité Soleil’s reputation of being dangerous, Fabienne was able to uncover dreams, wisdom, poetry, hope, pride, dignity, unshakable hope and passion. She describes some of the scenes she was able to capture on film as unforgettable, dark and poignant. Many of the people she met were beaming with grace and humility. 

After working for over a year, Fabienne has gathered a team to help distribute and edit the film. She is raising funds to back this project and hopes to be finished in time for 2014 film festivals worldwide. 

Visit Heroes of The Sun's Kickstarter page and support International Action's work in Cite Soleil to help the Haitians living there to lead a safer, healthier, and happier life. 

Children Living in Cite Soleil

Children Living in Cite Soleil