Fundraising Guide

Follow the simple steps below for an insta-fundraiser. But remember that it’s important to be creative, have fun, and let people know it’s for a great cause. Visit Our Work for information on International Action’s life-saving projects.

  1. Brainstorm a list of fun activities. What do you like to do? (Walk, run, bake, eat, sing, play sports, draw, etc.)
  2. Spice it up. What will make it extra fun or entertaining? (Is it themed? Can it be done backwards or with a funny costume?)
  3. Name your price. What is a reasonable amount to ask of donors, or are you willing to accept any amount? (1¢ can provide de-worming medicine for a kid in Haiti. $4 can provide a book. $25 can provide a month of clean water. Don’t worry about asking for too little; every penny helps. Keep it simple and appropriate.)
  4. Pick a time and place. When and where can you reach the most people? (Lunchtime at school, a sporting event, or a public park can host great crowds. Make sure that you get permission from your school. Or, if you want to do something at a local business, be sure to get the owner/manager’s permission first.)
  5. Spread the word. How can you let the most people know about what’s going on? (Facebook and Twitter are a great start, but don’t forget to talk to people, too. Tell them how your fundraiser will help Haiti. Maybe make spreading the word a competition among fundraisers.)
  6. Plan out the details. Then host the event, and have fun!
  7. Send your donation and share your story. International Action is located at 819 L Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. Tell us all about what you did so we can share your story. Or donate online and contact us electronically.

Example – 80s Karaoke Lunch

  1. Brainstorm a list of fun activities. Music, singing, dancing, parties.
  2. Spice it up. 80s karaoke lunch! Ask around for a karaoke machine or find out about renting one; get the A/V club to help with set-up.
  3. Name your price. Use two donation types: $2 per song for people who want to sing, and open donations in different volunteer singers’ buckets to get them to sing a song. Ask teachers to volunteer and keep their buckets in their rooms for a week before the karaoke lunch day. Or have students volunteer and place the buckets in the office or another common area.
  4. Pick a time and place. Friday at lunch. Ask the principal for permission, and get favorite teachers to volunteer as possible singers.
  5. Spread the word. Create a Facebook event. Tweet about it. Ask about doing morning announcements a couple of times before the event. Put up posters in the hallways (get permission). Talk to the choir teacher about extra credit for singing volunteers and attendees. Maybe get the choir to have their own mini-fundraiser to choose who will sing.
  6. Plan out the details. Make sure to announce what the money is going for, and thank big spenders and volunteers.
  7. Send a check to International Action at PO Box 15188, Washington, DC 20003 with the story and maybe even pictures!