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International Action staff with children helped by clean water

International Action staff with children helped by clean water

International Action cares about resolving the water issues of Haiti. Since there is no government-run, city-wide water sanitation system in Port-au-Prince, our goal is for it to become the first large city to use neighborhood chlorinators for public water. We aim to make it a model for cities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that also lack urban water treatment. But we can’t do it alone.

By partnering with other non-profits and non-governmental organizations, we can reach more at-risk communities. We can install more chlorinators. We can distribute more medication. We can save more lives.

We’ve trained staff from Concern Worldwide, CARE, World Vision, Partners in Health, and Kokapop who were willing to install chlorinators. And we’re further committed to providing chlorine for a full year to any device installed.

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Are you a community, school, orphanage, or clinic in need? We can help you, too. Complete one of our request forms, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

For clean water, fill out our Help Request Form.

For chlorine, complete our Chlorine Donation Request Form.

For de-worming pills, use our Albendazole Request Form.

Contact us if you have other partnering requests or questions, or find out how you can give.

Hear from the People We’ve Already Helped

My grandson suffered from severe diarrhea. He would get so dehydrated at times, to the point where we spent all our money taking him to the doctors, even when we didn't have the money to eat. With your clean water, he does not get sick any more. — Paulette Champagne, Grandmother